Monday 10 June 2013

The Book...(a little guide)

first glimpse!
hmm, so on saturday a package arrived from my publisher & at last i got a copy of my book, sew improv, in my hot little hands...and to say i was a *lettle* bit emotional is an understatement (but i held it together better than my mum who sobbed in the kitchen into the roast chicken.) i'm thrilled with every aspect of it, from the how it looks aesthetically to how it works as an actual how-to.

the book's broken down into two parts: 'the building blocks' & 'the quilts'. to begin with i show in the form of 13 mini-quilts how to create each technique - the theory being if you work your way through each method, you can create the quilts in the second section of the book if you so wish. you can also put the mini quilt blocks together in a really improv way to create your own 'improv sampler quilt' if you want! the second part of the book shows 12 quilts with the inspirations behind each one - from photo to sketch to more finished design. piecing maps and general instructions are given, but BIG emphasis is given to let your quilts evolve organically.

each quilt is inspired by random things i've come across in my everyday life - from the view outside my window, to a rope effect edging on a table in my parent's garden & manhole covers in the street. it was important to show inspiration really can strike anywhere - i don't go anywhere without my phone to quickly capture ideas to work on later. i've worked from these photos to create quick sketches which i've then recreated in fabric. many of the quilts are made using up scraps of fabric, so they're economical and (hopefully) fun to make - there are no hard and fast rules to follow with improv and definitely no mistakes to make! it's a looser way of working and i encourage you to work 'on the fly' - making design decisions as you go. many of you will work this way naturally - in which case you'll hopefully enjoy this book as eye-candy and to give you a few ideas and a sneak peak into the way i work. if you've never worked this way before, the mini quilts are a brilliant way to relax and try this way of creating without huge commitment.

if you're local(ish) to me in east anglia, (i in a village near newmarket, about an hour from east london, norwich & ipswich, 30 minutes from cambridge and 20 minutes in either direction from ely & bury st edmunds. i'm right on the border of suffolk, norfolk and cambridgeshire) you might be interested to know i shall be running workshops from 'the turkey shed' on the farm. i will be teaching a variety of workshops alongside other clever people and am hoping to get a workshop list together for autumn classes. at least one of these workshops will definitely be improv, so if you like the look of the book, i'd love to teach you the basics! if you *are* interested, please leave your name and email address in the comments, and i'll be sure to keep you updated on the workshops. don't worry, i won't deluge you with emails!)

i hope you've enjoyed a little explanation on what to expect from the book - & i hope you enjoy working from it as much as i've enjoyed creating it. it was a total joy from start to finish! 

mini quilts from 'the building blocks' section
simple easy-to-follow instructions
at the beginning of each quilt, there's a inspiration pinboard
showing photos, magazine pics & fabric samples

there is also a rough to measurements & a piecing map for
each quilt
i'm so thrilled with all the photographs (this shows a tiny section)


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Nilya said...

So Cool!!!

nikki said...

was just toying wiht the idea of quilt sewing and as an admirer of your fabrics, what better to combine the two! Please put me on your list for autumn workshops.


Jodi said...

Good thing for mail so I can get my copy in the US! Congratulations!!!

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Looks totally amazing, you must be so proud!! x

Katy Cameron said...

Ewww, soggy roast chicken! Still, the book looks fab :oD

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

It looks wonderful!

Patricia Lessell said...

I would love to come to an improv class.
And can't wait to buy your book.

Trudi said...

Bloody marvellous!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Just thrilled for you and so excited to see how it all came together.

Roberta said...

Please add me to the workshop list, I'd love to dedicate some time to learning a little of your fab quilting wisdom
robertadaw at

Anonymous said...

Please add me to your list, I haven't done any quilting and am looking forward to seeing your new book, congratulations!

heart of charnwood said...

Oh my, I love the look of the book, i will be stalking you all over this year, i have 3 classes with you at FQR, and i'm not that far away so may well try and get into one of your classes! Will the book be out before retreat so i can bring along a copy to get signed, now let me check Amazon!! :o)

HillyFilly said...

Book is on preorder and I am close enough to get to you..... deluge me with emails any time... The book looks fantastic.....

Shevvy said...

Looks great. Congrats that all your hard work is showing result.
I want to come to the turkey shed, whatever the excuse!

cat and vee xoxo said...

awesome Lucie, congratulations, I will definitely be buying your book when it's released, it looks fabulous.

I do love the thought of your Mum crying into the roast chicken, that's just so sweet, she is obviously a very proud Mum! Cat

Karin Hellaby said...

Hi Lucie
I am really looking forward to seeing your new book.
Who are the publishers? as I would like to order copies for Quilters Haven.
I hope the book will be a real success for you.
Karin Hellaby

Sherri ~ daintytime said...

Congratulations. I love your work and am looking forward to seeing your book.

Abby Swanwick said...

Congratulations on the book Lucie... it's looking good!!!

I'd love to hear about your up-and-coming workshops at


Kim with a K said...

I was just on VeryKerryBerry's site and thought I'd look at some "new to me" glad I did...your new book looks amazing!!!
Now I'll have to see if I can locate it here in Canada!
Congrats on such a fabulous book!!!

Kim with a K said...

Arrgh!!! I have to WAIT???? lol!!!
OK, I can be patient for such a great looking book!!!
Something to look forward to after the summer!

Jill Haug said...

My book arrived today - thanks so much Lu. I also finished make my FQR improv mini onto a cushion today with with my first zip. So perfect timing! Loving it already you talented lass. X