Sunday, 17 June 2007

band-wagon jumping

well, what an eventful day yesterday. went to see thomas the tank engine at a steam railway place in norfolk. (took the boys; not my choice of a good day out) where they let us pay before announcing that thomas wasn't actually running. for goodness sake, it's only gotta work twice a year, how hard can that be? anyway, it peed down with rain so we went on the merry-go-round. big mistake. every year i say 'never again' and every year i forget how sick it makes me feel. i think it effected my youngest too, but in a delayed way........welcome to the house of vom. all night the poor monkey chucked up. so that was fun. anyway, when we got home from all the excitement of thomas, i spent the afternoon making some new print blocks. they turned out ok so i used some old book pages to try them out on. these two are the best. and yes, i know i'm not original using book pages so acknowledgements to many artists, in particular lisa congdon whose work i truly admire.