Friday, 27 July 2007

colour + sound

jumblenecklacebacking, originally uploaded by anna_myfanwy84.

my top banana friend anna has started a blog today of her very own. she's a clever chick, with all manner of creative and interesting jobs, her most important one being the maker of my frames! she makes amazing 'jumble' necklaces from her fabulous old button and bead collection and she's also a fantastic vintage goodies finder. this week alone she's discovered an old architect's plan chest for fifty quid and the dreamiest 70's teak desk for just fifteen. she'd really appreciate some support on her latest 'venture', so pop in a take a look! she's a pretty good host, i'm sure she'll make you welcome!

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Anna Betts said...

yay! it's me!
wow thanks for such a lovely review. i'm really excited about having a blog, i can really see why you enjoy it!
time to go fill up my "lovely blogs" section some more i thinks, i suspect i may lose a few hours doing this...