Monday, 23 July 2007


well, fancy that! i wrote to holly of the wonderful decor8 blog today, just to really thank her for posting the call for submissions to the nahcotta show and she did a beautiful post, along with four of my paper quilts! talk about excited, i just about peed my pants. so if you are over here on a visit from decor8, welcome! help yourself to a drink, a few nibbles, perhaps? please mingle, and can someone turn the music up? thanks! (yep, i feel it's pretty safe to say i've lost my marbles.) thanks holly, i feel pretty popular today!


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Liv said...


(this is possibly the shortest comment ever but I have had a large glass of wine so I must be excused...)

Leah said...

i've come your way via decor8. i'm in the nahcotta show too!! :-) your art is gorgeous and i'm looking forward to seeing it in person in September. :-)

Catherine said...

I love your work! Congratulations on being on decor8 that is really exciting! Lovely blog also.