Saturday, 11 August 2007

and the winner is...

oh, it's almost too tense!:) (that's my mum's hand by the way, i didn't feel i could do the draw!)
yay! it's lyn! well done lyn, i hope you check back soon. could you please email me your address? i'll get the quilt in the post first thing on monday. i hope this had given your weekend a nice start.
to the rest of you, thankyou SO much for the comments...i have to admit it's made me slightly more confused as i had amounts from £8 up to £60! ($16-$120 us) but it was an interesting discussion. the one big tip i got out of it that many of you mentioned is not to undersell myself or my work. and thankyou to you all for your good wishes and kind words about my pieces too. have a great weekend!

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