Wednesday, 8 August 2007

much apprciated!

a great big thank you to all who left a comment in response to my last comment, it's really appreciated. i'm working on another (in green as requested by greenolive!) and will post it later. judging by the comments, an etsy shop will be in the making soon. how exciting!
i'm off swimming with the boys now, much amusement will be had by me tattoo-spotting. my best 'spot' to date was a woman in her 40's with her entire back covered in a portrait of a german shepherd dog called 'petra'. it was very erm, tasteful. bye for now, will be back later, dudes. did i just type 'dudes?'. sorry.

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Ali said...

Oh Lord! My 6 year old had a habit of complimenting scantily clad labourers - 'I really like your tattoo!'

I'm not sure why I find it so excruciatingly embarrassing, but I do.