Wednesday, 17 October 2007

make it personal...

i sometimes talk about my work that i sell through notonthehighstreet, i think of it as my 'commercial' work. while i enjoy making it, there's not any room for experimentation. anyway, i just thought i'd show you my best-selling product, (and only product right now!) called 'this is my room' door plaque. it's currently in the christmas catalogue, which is rather exciting. they went out with the october issues of 'homes and gardens' magazine (or actually it could be 'house and garden', i can't remember ;) i've got a few ideas for pushing this idea further actually, so more news on that in the months (or maybe years...hehe) to come.

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Heather Moore said...

hello! Nice to hear from you again. I am here to say two things:
1. the Grey Cons are great and match nearly everything. I have worn them almost every day this winter. In fact, I'm almost dreading summer because then I can't wear my Cons!

2. I love your b/w prints! Highly impressed. Must see more...