Sunday, 14 October 2007


i received an email a while back from a lovely lady called julie who has bought a lot of my work over the last little while. she was wondering whether i'd be interested in making a pin board for her kitchen. she thought perhaps i could print the background in the same colours as the pink print i did for my moo cards. of course i can, i told her, and eagerly printed the fabric for the background and went out and bought the right sized notice board...but despite the fact i painted the frame, it still looked like a cheap and nasty cork notice board. so i contacted my lovely friend anna who happens to be a frame maker. she made a beautiful frame for me (in budget, yay!) and after painting it to match julie's kitchen, it's looking pretty damn funky, if i do say so myself. and no, you're not going mad, the above pic is before painting the frame, i sent it to julie to show her what it looked like unpainted. i love it when a plan comes together. i also hate it when a plan doesn't come together, but that story is for another time...

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