Monday, 1 October 2007

red scribble

i should have posted this last night really, but i was just too tired. then i got involved in 'miss marple' which finished quite late (for me, i'm a 'in bed by 10' kinda girl, yes i know that makes me sound like a saddo) then my darling husband switched on the tv to watch the rest of 'the sopranos' and woke me up. grrrr.

anyway, 'red scribble' is a bright and cheery antidote for a fairly autumnal feeling monday morning, made using bits and pieces from yesterday's printing session, and it's available here. a slightly different departure for me colour wise, but i can't help it; the new printing inks are so beautiful, i'm using them straight out of the pots. oh, and if anyone is interested, the inks barely change the handle of the cloth at all, and i printed on a really soft washed cotton where you would easily feel 'hardness'. top marks all round, permaset!