Thursday, 15 May 2008

taking over my life...

because of the leak under the floor trauma in my workroom, i'm working in my bedroom while big fans try and try the place out. i'm now in a 2 x 4 foot space by the side of my bed...and that includes all my papers stacked up under the window...never again will i complain about my proper work space! anyway...i'm cracking along with work for clutter city...i was asked by stephanie where i find the time to make stuff. erm...i creep off at any opportunity while the kids are playing/fighting/eating/sleeping. i also do bits and pieces whilst waiting for food to cook, or while the boys watch tv. they're 5 and 2 so frank is at full time school while arthur has perfected the art of amusing himself pretty well. and in answer to your other question, stephanie, in my experience, yes it does get easier when they're a little older, don't worry!


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Francesca said...

hey, don't watch neighbours today. v sad! did you order the original kitchen you posted about a few months ago or is it a different one? love that wood.

not in the mood for work today, just gonna lie on the sofa and watch home & away! no idea what's going on or who anyone is but i'm having one of those days!

stephanie levy said...

Okay Lucie, I'll trust you if you tell me it will get better. I'm getting loads of grey hair by the minute, so I hope you are right! And yes, my Lucy will start kindergarten in September 2009, so there will be some relief eventually! (If I live that long :)