Wednesday 13 August 2008

ha! i lasted a day!

well, that's pretty pathetic isn't it? perhaps i should've said that i won't be posting as often...
it's just that the whole point of this blog is to record stuff work-wise and all that, and i couldn't let a mention on poppytalk go by without a mention, now could i? to be fair, it's not for my work - if you're a regular reader of the poppytalk, you probably subscribe to their gorgeous weekly newsletters (i love these, so beautifully put together by jan) and they have an easy 'make it' section - you know the type of thing - blackboard paint on a piece of wood framed in a vintage frame equals funky office blackboard. anyway, i was in the bath reading the newest elle decoration (as you do) and saw these groovy crates by an italian designer. they were cast in aluminium and cost £600 per crate. well, for goodness sake, i thought. get a couple of fruit crates off the market for nothing and some silver or gold spray paint, and bob's yer bleedin' uncle! so i wrote and told jan about it and she included in her newsletter on monday, and it was also on the main blog this morning. so there you go. a mini mention of moi.


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Francesca said...

ha! i knew it!

nice mention on poppytalk and great idea.

Jo said...

Great idea for a make it!

How come some people can come up with crazy expensive ideas like those crates and get publicity? There are obviously still people out there with lots of money!