Tuesday 26 August 2008

love this girl...

whenever i'm lacking inspiration (mainly i'm thinking in terms of how i'm going to decorate the farmhouse; i know i've not mentioned it lately - the 'bones' are nearly done, such as the new roof has about a day to go til it's finished, and the solar panels for the hot water are in. work starts next week on the walls of the extension, so exciting times ahead.) i sometimes get panicky about how much redecoration there is to do and the colours i want to use...so i take a deep breath, calm down and have a look at nina's blog. she's got a great eye for composition in her vintagey house, and her photographs are to die for. she makes all sorts of things, from mixed media pieces, to beautiful ceramics and patterned tiles that she sells in her etsy shop. her style is just so delicious, i feel immediately calmed and happy. and inspired!

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