Friday, 14 August 2009

adventures in needlefelting

so, yesterday i had a great day out at my cousin marie's gaff in the wilds of norfolk - great weather, wonderful company (marie has two boys and a HUGE garden with a ton of great stuff so my boys were in heaven.) the only trouble is, marie's husband mike sells sewing machines for a living. and so i came home rather poorer than i started because i bought an embellisher. if you don't know what that is, it looks like a sewing machine but has 12 needles but no thread. it meshes fibres together to make a solid fabric. most of the needle felt work i've seen incorporates lots of fluffy fibres and threads, and is a bit 'flouncy' for my tastes, so i wanted to put my own spin on it with strong simple shapes. check out this out to see the machine website. i'd been thinking about buying a machine for a while, and this is such fun to use, i wish i'd bought it sooner. the above 'tiles' are my first little foray into the needlefelting world, do you think i might have possibly had my 'scandi' design in mind when i did it?!