Friday 6 July 2007

small child + old woman in supermarket = cross words

today the lovely lara from kirin & co blogged about good things coming in threes. ironically it was me who pointed this out to her, so if you are visiting from lara's blog, howdy to you all! i hope you'll stay a while. i'm sorry if this is your first visit and you're stuck with me having a rant. anyway, today i had three horrible things happen and all were confrontational. now, i'm not good with confrontation, i turn in to a small child, i want to suck my thumb and run to my mummy. but, as i discovered, when it comes to my children, i turn into a tigress. (actually, for 'tigress' read stoppy teenager) first horrible incident happened when i took frank, my oldest, to pre-school. i parked next to a woman sitting in her car, and i was extra careful to tell frank to watch that our car door didn't bang into hers. well, according to this woman, it did (i stood right there and i didn't see it happen, but perhaps i'm blinded with love for my son) she jumped out of her car and barked (yep, like a dog) "watch the car! your door just SMASHED into my car." well, i can tell you people that our door did not smash into her car. I told her she was mistaken, that we'd been very careful not to. "yes, yes it did" she replied. so I muttered "whatever". so that was number 1 thing (of course i totally obsessed about this all morning.)
number 2 thing happened at the supermarket. arthur, my youngest, was in fine voice chatting and squeaking with excitement in the trolley when an old woman told him to shut up. i let this one ride because i wasn't totally sure what she said, frank told me later because he was nearer.
number 3 thing happened 5 minutes later when another old woman said "will someone please shut that child up!" i walked back to her and said "excuse me?" she replied "how dare you let that child make such a racket, how could you let him squeak like that?" and i said "how dare you be so rude to have a go at a happy, excited child? get a life." i was shaking with anger, but then of course the doubts crept in. was he being really loud and annoying? i mean, i'm the first to admit that he can communicate with dolphins at times, but i didn't think he was being especially awful, just having fun with his brother, helping with the shopping and laughing. there was a lady stacking shelves who heard the whole thing and she assured me that she was just being a miserable old bag. it was really horrible because my children, while they can be a pain in the bum alot of the time were actually being so good - food shopping is not the greatest of things to do for toddlers at the best of times.
isn't it interesting that things like this rarely happen, then a few things like it happen on the same day? why is that? answers on a postcard please.
i've not got any work to post today, i'm working on a piece for the lovely dawbis but i don't want to spoil the suprise! :)
have a good weekend everyone, and steer clear of old ladies in supermarkets.


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Ali said...

The nasty old bats smelled weakness from incident number one and went on the attack eh?

Why do people have to be so mean? When I'm a LOL, I am going to go round giving random mummies lovely compliments about their children. God knows, we don't get them nearly often enough.

I hope you recognise them so if you see them again you can be sure to sneak up behind one and let rip with an extra loud squeak!

lu summers said...

hey ali, thanks for solidarity! my husband thinks i'm being obsessive, so i'm trying not to think about it! ha, chance would be a fine thing. i'm gonna seek them out and hound them with excitable children! ;)

joanne said...

What a rude old cow - you should have just given her the finger!! Here is to kids having fun!!!!!

lu summers said...

hello joanne, i'm actually shocked that i didn't swear at her, i really wanted to, but then she'd have thought it was fitting that a woman who lets her kid scream in the supermarket would swear like a navvy! and i'm a lady really. hehe, not.

Anonymous said...

Just remember when leaving the house to keep a sharp implement in your pocket for poking ratty old dears with!
Hello! You're all blogged up these days! How exciting!