Friday 24 August 2007

arthur's word of the day

i really hope the person i'm doing this for doesn't mind me posting progress of this piece...i've been careful not to show anything too revealing. just thought you might like to see today's progress, it was a funny day today. the kids were bored and snotty, the weather was crap and i really, really wanted to lock myself away in my workroom and erm, well, work. i got bits and pieces done, but there were constant arguments over the toy tractors and farm implements, both boys got sent to their rooms; arthur for throwing toys in a temper and frank for throwing his weight around and bullying his little brother.

in my eight things post i mentioned that my eldest son frank didn't speak until he was way over two, but when he did it was complete sentences. arthur is totally different. his second birthday is in a week's time and every day is another word in his vocabulary. (i know to some that might seem late, just pity the poor kid for having me as a mother; it's as much as he can do to get a word in edgewise) it's so exciting, it's like a little present each morning, and they make me crease up laughing, they're such random words. the day before yesterday it was 'cheese', yesterday was 'nice', and today we had two; 'book' and 'boys'. love, love, love.