Sunday 19 August 2007

eight things...

you never wanted to know about me. well tough luck, cos i've been tagged by greenolive! you know the deal...i've got to list 8 random things/habits about myself then name 8 other bloggers to do the same, so here you go...

1. i never wear my hair up even though it's quite long cos i hate my profile...big forehead and flappy chin.

2. i'm very untidy but i can't leave any washing up in the sink and i can't leave a bed unmade, it makes me anxious.

3. my husband is a farmer but we don't live on the farm...(yet)

4. i didn't want my children born on odd dates. thankfully, they weren't.

5. i'm not the greatest traveller in the world, and i have a terrible sense of direction.

6. my husband and i have known each other since we were 5 years old and went to the same primary school. our son will attend that same school this september.

7. my first son frank didn't speak much until he was way past two and a half, but then he suddenly said completely clearly while we were away on holiday; "shall we go for a walk along the promenade?" (for americans, that means 'boardwalk')

8. i'm a bit partial to lime flavoured doritos but i don't like tomato ketchup or baked beans. i couldn't eat either if i was offered a million pounds.

now that's over, i'm going to tag liv, anna, susy, heather, alice, francesca, jodie, and dawn. happy tagging you lot!


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Francesca said...

i love the one about your little made me laugh out loud. i imagine him saying it in a very plummy english accent for some reason, i think it's the 'promenade'!

i've been tagged before but i'm going to do it again just for you...if in a slightly different way this time...

Anonymous said...

I can hear the plummy English accent in my head too! I love your eight as well. What does your farmer husband farm? Livestock or crops?