Thursday 2 August 2007

tote-ally tote-tastic

i unearthed these bags form my workroom today, they were made for a demonstration thing i did last year at the festival of quilts. i'm fed up with my boring bag, so i'll be using one of these instead, just in time for the sun has actually begun to shine :) the linen one is made from a really nice pair of my husband's trousers - he asked me to repair a ripped seam but sadly the damage was too great for me to rectify, but i made some spankin' bags instead. needless to say, my husband was very pissed off. i, on the other hand was thrilled to bits! (oh yeah, in the background of the bag pics is the infamous now you know what it looks's blue and it's a shed, and i have just noticed a big smear of bird crap in the top left hand corner of each pic. delightful.)