Saturday 22 September 2007


this embarrassing heap of bin bags are full of clothes, being donated to charity. not all mine, i hasten to add, but a large amount. there are at least four bags of kid's stuff, at last i have got rid of all the babygros and vests and tiny weeny newborn gear. i did have to harden my heart during this process. i am not having more children, so i do not need to keep all this stuff. but it was actually quite hard to do. i kept back a couple of things i could not part with, one of which is a little pair of dungarees sam chose while we were shopping in boston (us, not uk) when i was pregnant with frank before we knew we were having a boy. (yeah, we found out with both of ours, and yeah, before you ask, i was the kid who couldn't wait for christmas day and knew exactly what my packages contained.) there is also one bag full of early 1990's style clothing belonging to sam. now, these are the clothes he used to wear out on our dates...and some things i really didn't want him to get rid of; levi shirts and jeans and a admittedly hideous brown leather jacket, but y'know, full of memories. he was probably wearing that jacket during our first kiss. i remember that 'suburbia' by the pet shop boys was playing on the radio. ahhhh, how romantic. and yeah, i know that i could ebay the levi stuff, it's practically vintage, but it's just too much effort. so anyway, to you it's just a heap of bin bags, to me full of memories...some lovely, some not so lovely. such as my size 22 pregnancy knickers, yes, you read that correctly size 22. i have kindly donated these to great ormand street hospital because, like sam says, you could house a family of 4 quite easily in those monstrosities.


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Anonymous said...

you changed your banner design while I wasn't looking!

Well done on the clean up, the experts say you are now ready to receive new energy and good things!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it hard to get rid of baby things, even though you know you wont need them again?
I hang onto things because I think I'll remake them into something else...yeah right!