Monday 17 September 2007


hope you all had a good creative weekend. i wasn't particularly productive but i did use a little child-free time to fiddle about making this printed pouch. it actually looks a lot better in the pics than it does it real life; it's very lumpy and unglamourous, i made the brown linen side pieces too narrow; they really need to be wider like the first pouch i made. zip went it ok though! ;) suffice to say i shall not be producing these for sale anytime soon. how do people manage to make and sell them for around $6? it took me forever, and it's not even lined yet! what i am happy with, however, is the printed fabric. i used acrylic paint with a fabric paint binder, just cheapy products, and actually they work very well on linen. after i printed and heat set it, i gave it very rigorous wash and ironed it dry, and it was fine. it does change the handle of the fabric a little, but not horribly. so more experimenting i think!