Tuesday 2 October 2007

kaleidoscopic doodlings

take one piece of paper, an assortment of black drawing pens, add a two hour stint of 'miss marple' on the television, mix it all together and hey presto! 'kaleidoscope' is born. at the risk of sounding smug, i'm really pleased with this...maybe some more digital prints in the making...? (they will of course be much better than these, the white is very blue, and as you can tell i'm no whizz on the photo editing thingy.)

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Anonymous said...

I like the darker one, more strength to it as a design. Can I suggest printing cards perhaps?
It also has a bit of an Art Nouveau feel for me, I think its the curve of the larger leaves, they have such a lovely shape to them. Who would have thought Miss Marple could have this effect!