Wednesday 28 November 2007

not my best effort

well, the combine harvester cake is terrible, i'm too ashamed of it to show any more of the above. i apologised to frank when he got home from school. he took one look at it, and said, "you say it's not very good mummy, but it is good, and you've even got a spout and a seat!" (to those not familiar with combine harvest terminology, the spout is where the grain shoots out in to a trailer, and the seat is erm, well, where the driver sits) so as long as frank is happy, i'm happy. although i'm slightly worried i'm losing my mind; i went all over town (actually not that hard, it's a small town) looking for vanilla frosting to colour yellow for an authentic combine, and completely forgot to colour it and had already frosted the cake before i realised. doh. there probably aren't that many cream coloured combines in the farming world, not a terribly practical colour to have ;) the little chocolate flakes are my artistic interpretation of bits of mud!
anyway, happy birthday to my brilliant boy...i'm off to play party games :)


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Anonymous said...

What a sweet son you have. Way to go on attempting a "Farm Machinery" cake. I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

He sounds like such a sweetie. He'll make a fabulous husband one day! I'm glad he loved the cake and hope you had fun with the party games.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Happy Birthday!

I obviously don't remember my first cake but I do remember one a few years later. I can't wait to make them for blee! I was thinking about it just the other day.

And my mom was no master cook or cake decorator for sure but what did I care. If I wanted a perfect cake I would buy one, but that isn't much fun.