Sunday 30 December 2007

back again

hello all!
i was planning on a break until the new year, but i've actually done some work so i thought i'd share. my fabulous husband bought me a gocco for christmas, yay, so the other day i made my first screen based on a little doodle/sketch of houses. i'm sooo glad i did lots of reading up on the process before jumping in at the deep end. i only got a couple of screens in the box, and i was worried to death that i'd ruin them both! but luckily it went swimmingly, and the result is 'little boxes'. this has been printed over a small basic collage of various papers, then hand coloured using watercolour brush markers...i'm kinda pleased with how it turned out, someone on flickr said it reminded them of the 'mr. men' books, which is exactly what we've been reading to the boys at bedtime. you never know where you're going to get inspiration...without even realising it! ;)


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your Gocco experience was a good one. I have heard some bloggers describe it as hard. I must get myself one...its on my list of things to get.

Anonymous said...

Well done that man! I'm sure you dropped a few hints though...happy new year to you! x