Monday 10 December 2007


i'm really happy with my red and white decorated tree, but sadly, i didn't have anything suitable for the very top. i'm not a fairy/angel type of gal, but i am a starry/snowflake type, so when i read this 3d snowflake tutorial, (found via the lovely zee's homebug site)) i knew i'd found my tree topper. great fun to make, you need a little bit of patience, but it's really, really easy. if you make the size they suggest, it will produce an enormous snowflake, suitable for hanging in a window, but i modified the measurements a little to suit the tree. the author suggests using copy paper, but i used thin card for a slightly more robust snowflake. i think they're fab.

oh, and by the way, the background paper (red with little white stars on) is my super bargain of the century. it looks identical to a cath kidston design but it was from woolworths (in the birthday wrapping paper section) and it cost just 40p for a 2 metre roll! (that's around 80 us cents) it's a little thin, but needless to say, i'll be using it for all my christmas presents, along with some beautiful (but cheap) felt snowflake trimming i bought back from our jaunt in portugal in october.


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Anonymous said...

That is LOVELY. I've been making Moravian/German stars: and those little puffy ones which are really addictive once you get the hang of them. This new one of yours fills out my repertoire nicely.

Yummy paper too.

Anonymous said...

AND... your image is far more alluring than the one on the How to Make page.

lu summers said...

thankyou alison! these are really nice to make. i made a huge one today, (using squared off A4 paper)
and it looks terrific hanging in the lounge window...which incidently you can see as you walk in the front door, so no doubt i'm re-directing some good chi back into my home! ;)

zee said...

Yayyy! I am totally going to get to work making some of these - yours looks great and I agree that it's a much nicer pic than the one on the How To page. I hadn't thought of making one for the tree, but it would be much nicer than the sucky star we have at the moment!