Friday 21 December 2007

tiny cathedrals

i've got a big exhibition coming up at easter at ely cathedral in cambridgeshire, with some quilt artist friends. i've known for over a year that i've got to produce two pieces of work 2 feet wide by 5 feet long. so you'd think i might have started them long ago...but no, true to form i wait until a month before the deadline to begin. but my teeth are sunk into this after spending the last few afternoons snipping away with my stash of old envelopes to produce what is tentatively going to be called 'skyline'. it comprises of lots and lots of 2 inch squares with little tiny silhouettes of a section of the cathedral. knowing me, i'll live and breath this until it's finished, and feel really annoyed when family obligations around this time of year will make me stop working...there's lots of stitching to be done, it looks a little dull at the moment, although i will admit i am striving for a muted, subtle palette. i thought you might be interested in seeing a large(ish) project right at the beginning, will post progress.
well anyway, folks, have a happy weekend, i'm off to a wedding reception where the bride is 7 months pregnant and is wearing white. (only joking ;) crack open the baileys...yum yum!
(note to self, do NOT get drunk on the first drink and make a dick of yourself in front of an entire family of in-laws...not cool)

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Anonymous said...

it looks fantastic so far. Can't wait to see more.