Thursday 17 January 2008


sorry about this very self indulgent post, but if i don't record them, i'll forget. these are the other blogs that lusummers has very excitingly been featured on this week (holy cow, did i just refer to myself in the third person? ack. sorry.)
first up prairiemod, then sobrobungalow, and finally fly. thanks so much, bloggers! what a lucky gal i've been :)


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Anonymous said...

The plant life print is great!

sue bulmer said...

Hi Lu

I was thinking of asking you if you minded being featured on my blog too! I'm trying to make it a bit more interesting and informative for any readers I might have (!) by featuring other blogs/artists/work etc that I like. If that's ok with you, then I'll go ahead. Can I use a coupla pix from your Etsy shop, maybe your journals, as they are sooo lovely?


Anna Betts said...

Whoop! Good going girlie! Gosh, what a lot of g-words! So glad the archival printer is going well. The sketchbooks look lovely!
Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

hop all this publicity translates into some sales for you.