Sunday 24 February 2008


i've been tagged by the delightful hazeljoy.

i must tell you 7 random things about me. how interesting for you all, (that sentence was dripping with sarcasm) i'll try to make it painless.

1) i'm a really bad speller. no spelling bee accolades for this dumb-arse. and the blogger spell checker has been failing me lately, so those with a red pen can go through my posts and underline all my mistakes.

2) i love my husband sam more than life itself, but if on pain of death i had to chose another sexy bloke to run away with, i would find it hard to resist the silver fox, phillip schofield. and maybe alpha male david boreanaz. oh yeah, and ol' snake-hips adam levine. he's nice too. i could actually go on, but out of respect for sam, i'd better stop ;)

3) i love the hallmark channel, and i watch it most when i'm working.

4) i cry really easily. i mean really easily. theme tunes make me cry. (do you remember the littlest hobo?...that makes me bawl like a baby. there's a voice keeps on callin' me, down the road that's where i'll always be...) i usually shed a tear with every episode of neighbours and every single hallmark channel movie... well, don't get me started. it's pathetic.

5) my littlest boy, arthur has two fused toes on each foot. (can you tell i'm scraping the barrel?)

6) ermmmm...i weighed more than 15 stone (210 lbs) when i was pregnant with frank. i was a pig, whale and bus all rolled into one. afterwards i got down to 8 and a half stone, (119 lbs) i enjoyed that for a while, and found out i was pregnant with arth. sod's bloody law ;)

7) the very first thing i do whenever we go out anywhere, is find out where the toilets are. it's like a freaking nervous twitch. as soon as i know, i relax. hehe, that's what having two kids does to your bladder ;)

holy shit, i did it! that took SO sorry if it was very boring. i should tag 7 more people, but
i'm going to let them off, i'm nice like that.

happy sunday folks!


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Francesca said...

you really make me laugh.
firstly, phillip schofield! i have loved him since the children's bbc broom cupboard. secondly i also cry in neighbours, adverts make me cry, many songs, i'm a mess. and thirdly my 2 year old also has fused toes! i called them webbed...or is that something else?

wow, did you know there are currently 4 phil fans online right now!

Esti said...

I wish I knew who that phil is... Better go check google right now...

Francesca said...

oh dear...esti will think we're crazy when she looks at the phil site! yes, the two toes next to his big toe on the left foot and the same on his right but less so.

Ellen Stafford said...

Hey you should join our forum on Schofield Fans, Phillip visits and posts :)

Anonymous said...

I cried at This Morning today - because of a sodding make-over on a very kind lady, Phil S then surprised her family with a trip to Barbados, then the lady proposed to her fella(who accepted). I had to change channel xxx

JuicyFig said...

what is it about the old philster? and Fern isn't half as lucky as gordon was! hehehe - sorry.

and the crying - it has to be the film "the Colour purple" from start to finish...