Wednesday 30 April 2008

linda solovic

connections are funny ol' things, aren't they? because my treasury was in the front page the other day, alot of new people had hearted me and i tried to go through them all and take a peek at some new etsy shops. one of these people was linda solovic and the very second i saw her shop i fell in love. it was like looking at my childhood from the seventies (in a very tasteful mid-century modern sort of way) seriously, i'm so in love with linda's collage pieces on found papers, they're just beautiful.
she says: "i find inspiration in vintage greeting cards, quilts, outsider art, hello kitty, 50’s and 60’s children’s illustration, animated cartoons and movies, fabric, marimekko and japanese zabka sewing projects. " linda also works as a senior lecturer at washington university college of art and at the sam fox school of design and visual arts in st. louis where she teaches illustration and licensed image design. to find out more about linda, visit her beautiful website and remember to check out her etsy shop!

(thankyou linda for the use of your photographs :)


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Luna Levy said...

Hi Lucie,

These are really beautiful. Nice find! Thanks for sharing.

sue bulmer said...

oooh, lovely find, well done and thanks for sharing this!

Francesca said...

oh yes, great find lu. that's how i found amanda blake who i just blogged about, she'd hearted one of my things, i was very flattered. and alas i am old enough to remember our very own sam fox so that made me giggle!

Francesca said...

you crack me up, i love that you said boobies on my blog. i'm such a child!

Anonymous said...

I've bought one :) And I can't wait to get it on my wall :)

Anonymous said...

oh. wow. beautiful!

I wish this reminded me of my childhood...but sadly, there would have to be some awful shag carpet, hot dogs, and a mean cat in there somewhere. haha

these are really fun.