Wednesday 16 April 2008


as usual i'm being last-minute-annie...tonight i'm giving a talk to a group of quilters. i was asked over a year ago to do it, and i was pretty flattered so i said of course i would. and now it's tonight and i'm getting my work ready to show them, and i'm pretty nervous to say the least. stuff is piled into semi-chronological order, my talk is entitled 'my quilt art journey' and it couldn't be more apt. since the invitation, my life has changed unbelievably...i've discovered blogs and etsy, my work has gone from being fabric based to more focused on paper collage. i've exhibited my work in a gallery in america, and i've been invited to take part in another in september. i've done illustrative packaging work for a large food company and i've just finished a book cover (more about that later this week) for an american publishing company. isn't it strange how opportunities have come knocking when you least expect it?
ps...a great, great big thank you to everyone who commented about my 'thin or thick' dilemma...although the general opinion was actually not the answer i wanted!


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Francesca said...

wow lu, what a fantastic year! and isn't it amazing what has come your way just by putting your work out there and plugging away. looking forward to hearing more about the book cover. you're a talented gal and a great cyber pal!

good luck for tonight!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you aced your talk! What a fantastic year you have had, hope things continue to be just as fabulous!

Gillian Mowbray said...

Well, you just can't please some people! Maybe we simply helped you to see what you really preferred. LOL.
Congrats on your new-found successes. x

JuicyFig said...

well done! and how did the talk go? I hope my next 12 months are as eventful now I have discovered blogs!