Tuesday 20 May 2008

i'm done now...

i promise! i will show you no more stuff for clutter city!

i had a bit of a eureka moment today...i've been wracking my brains for some ingenius way of displaying my magnets at clutter city. i remember seeing on heather's blog a photo of her magnets on a metal tray which looked brilliant, but i don't have a beautiful vintage tray to use...but i have got one of those lovely tall galvanised florists buckets. but the magnets need to be displayed all around the bucket and some wouldn't be seen. hmmm...i pondered this for a while, thinking to myself "what i need is a lazy susan" but sadly i do not have one of these. but i do have a microwave turntable! lightbulb moment! it works a treat... so the lovely people of norwich may peruse my magnet flower bucket whilst happily spinning it around with gay abandon! result.

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Luna Levy said...

You are amazing though - everytime I drop by here there are more gorgeous collages. I admire your work ethic!