Friday, 16 May 2008


another vintage coffee's actually a really deep teal rather than the bottle green it appears to be in this pic. i got the pot, (which admittedly has been fixed on the underside of the lid; i made a bit of a classic newbie-collector mistake there by not checking it in the shop) sugar bowl, cute little jug and six saucers, 5 cups (so not a complete set) for £4.00. so not perfect by any means but you can't say no to that marvellous shape can you? i feel some new work coming on...sam will take one look at it and say "oh shit, not more crap to collect dust", and i'll tell him to piss off. so looking forward to that conversation then.
ooooh yeah, exciting, the marvellous printer from etsy, leanne graeff, has featured me on her blog, so take a peek if you so desire :)


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JuicyFig said...

Lovely coffe pot! and who cares if it isn't perfect? made the same mistake myself last week, didn't notice the spout was chipped, but I don't care, I love it, and won't be taking it to the antiques roadshow soon...


sarah ahearn bellemare said...

hi ya!
it's you! nice to see you! ... you inspired me to add my photo too (who knew i overlooked that feature!) love the coffee pot! do you love coffee as much as i do or are you a tea drinker?
random thought.
off to see you on the blog you mentioned.

Francesca said...

that's pretty special lu. and don't worry about the lid, you're not taking it to antiques roadshow. love the shape and colour.

lovely pic. are you watching neighbours in that pic or midsomer murders?

Anonymous said...

fab coffee pot. (and me and my husband have THAT conversation all the time... you're not alone!)