Monday, 9 June 2008

d'you know what?

i'm going to leave pouch making to the experts. despite getting really good advice from zenzhey (who told me i was on the right track with making tabs on the zip, just to make them longer) i managed to cut off my tabs by accident and got crappy top corners again. i did manage to make a standy-uppy one though, without too much brain power needed. maybe i'll have another go when i'm feeling less pissed off :)


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monda-loves said...

I've never tried sewing zips into anything - i'm putting it off because i'm not confident with it at all. Other people make it look so easy - maybe it's just a case of practice makes perfect :S

Anonymous said...

I won't let you give up!! :-)
I hated them so much and now I am in love! I want to spread the love! I'll post some pictures for you. Your lining isn't right, I think..
But I am new at all this so who knows! lol
Your fabrics are so right for this. You have to make zippered something with them!

monda-loves said...

funnily enough, jodie at ric rac has just posted this:

also one from sarah at paper and string a while back:

Don't give up!