Friday 20 June 2008

keep commenting!

remember, for a chance to win this piece of work, called 'lower case' you've got until midnight tonight...
thanks so much for all the comments so far, there have been some really poignant ones, funny ones and happy ones. oh and a couple who couldn't remember the last time they cried. weird. i have entered a new low in tearfulness... (is that a word?) during an advert for sma baby milk...the one where the voice-over guy (who sounds suspiciously like ralf little from 'the royle family') says 'i promise not to tell you that sometimes, when i kiss your beautiful neck, it smells of perfume and baby sick.' it wasn't that particular bit that made me tearful, (because that would be crazy, right?) but the bit at the end when there's a big pair of bloke's boots next to a tiny pair of pink ones. gets me every time. how pathetic is that?
hahahahaha...i just googled 'sma advert' and the first one to come up is this rant at how terrible that ad is! it's official, i have bad taste in adverts.

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That makes me cry every time too, not least because it started showing just after I came home with Jude and my hormones were all over the place. I think it was really well written, for an advert.
And I reckon its Ralf Little too (bet he's make a lovely pa himself, bless)

Someone ranted at how bad it is? noooo - presumably someone who hasn't had a baby.