Monday 30 June 2008

a nice way...

to start the week! i got a etsy convo from liz over at wickedly chic to let me know that she has featured my 'flora' cards. you can see them and whole lot of other lovely finds right here.
in other news, we just about survived the camp-out on friday night, despite the airbed leaking slowly and ending up on the ground at around 4am. at least it didn't rain. the boys managed to stay up until 11 pm, running around with their friends and generally having a great time, while i stuck my head in a bottle of pimms ;) they were up at 6am, so as you can imagine the rest of the weekend has been, well, let's just say challenging. i hate camping. there. i've said it.

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Anonymous said...

In my mind camping is not a holiday, it is a slow unending form of torture, which only stops when you step into a hot shower/bath at home!