Wednesday 11 June 2008

printed, stitched, beaded

i've been working on a wedding sampler commission this week, in lovely bright colours. it's for a friend of a friend of a friend of my cousin's! which just goes to show that sticking my business cards on the back of them as i made them was a worthwhile activity. it's been nice to get back to making one of these, since i stopped selling them on not on the high street i've not made one for ages. i had to improvise with the print block because most of my usual ones are packed away, but i had a great time making new ones...the gridded design has been made using the polystyrene from a frozen pizza and carving into it with a sharp pencil - a most satisfying procedure and result!

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Mollie said...

These are so fun! And I love hearing a bit about your (pizza) process!