Saturday 12 July 2008

little's been a funny sort of a week, this week. we had a bit of a crisis in the middle when frank had his finger slammed in a door at a friend's house...i tell you, it was horrible. it swelled to twice the size of his other fingers and the day was spent at a small local hospital having x rays and the like...then the following morning at the bigger hospital having it checked out again. he has a very small fracture on the joint and while it's pretty painful (but thankfully more normal sized) he's going to be fine. thank goodness. he's had a lot of mileage out of showing his x ray to anyone with a pair of eyes...he's very proud. i think he's slightly gutted that it didn't need to be put in plaster ;)
on a different note, i bought some tiny weeny chunky canvases the other day at the art shop...and the above is the result of a child free couple of hours this morning. it's called 'random red'.