Monday, 7 July 2008

new boots...

my mum (she of the surprise wallpaper) makes me laugh. she recently went to cornwall with her friend joan and they were planning on taking the ferry to some island or another (sorry, not great on geography, i only found out recently where lyme regis is...i thought it was in lincolnshire. doh.) anyway, as i was saying, she'd only taken sandals with her and it was a bit parky, so she nipped into a handy surf shop to buy some cheap plimmies...and came out with the above little beauties in my size (she's a uk 4, i'm a 5) because she knew i'd been coveting some brown ones for ages. so i now have these to add to my ever-growing chuck collection. sweet. i've got to say though, i would have liked to have seen a slightly batty 62 year old woman pottering about in these ;)


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Rachel said...

Ooh, I wouldn't mind a pair of those! What a lovely mum you have.

monda-loves said...

I bet your mum looked like the bees knees in those lovely boots!


Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Good ole mum! What a cute vision I have in my head!

su49san said...

I love these chuck highs, but I love the photo more. One thing I really like about your blog, besides the entertaining content of course, if the fact that you hot link your photos to a nice big image. When one really takes my fancy (such as the brown chucks), I can export it to my desktop as wallpaper and it looks great. So many bloggers hot link to teensy little images that get all pixelly when stretched to fit a desktop. So naturally, I'm looking at images from your blog quite a bit of the time!

BTW, 62 years old is NO WAY too old for chucks! Your mum's only got three years on me, and I'll probably be buried in a pair of red chuck highs.

All the best.
Susan (of the numerous amusing Etsy convos)

P.S. Isn't Lime Regis a summer beverage?

Merisi said...

I came over from Stephanie in Munich.

Love those Converse high tops (at least that's what I would call them *g*), and I cannot imagine any age group that couldn't wear them. *giggle*

Lime Regis is not a drink?
Oh, boy! ;-)