Tuesday 22 July 2008

ok, so this is really exciting...

if you're a regular reading my boring old crap, you might remember that i mentioned a rather exciting commission about a million years ago. (you can refresh your memory here if you like)well, it was for a book cover for a book called 'made from scratch'. an american publishing company got in touch and asked me if i was interested, and of course i said yes! it took about 4 versions in total, and it was great fun to do...the final version went to new york, where the big cheese was thrilled to bits with it, thank goodness! the book isn't out until december, but above is a sneak peak. the picture above was taken by the author, jenna woginrich, and you can read her fantastically interesting blog, cold antler farm, right here. i tell you, the girl's an inspiration...mummy to a million bees, rabbits, dogs, duck, chickens, she makes her own butter, has a full time job as a graphic designer and she's a banjo player to boot!
the little yellow tractor on the front of the book is an old toy of my husbands, a favourite of the boys - i took a picture and roughed it up with sandpaper, then dipped it coffee! oh, the glamour! :) if you're interested in the simple life, the book is available for pre-order on amazon. if you click the bottom picture, it views it larger. cool huh?