Wednesday, 30 July 2008

scratch, scratch

have you ever tried printing with polystyrene? it's a really fast and gratifying way of getting an idea printed up - i sat for a happy hour last night scrawling into the polystyrene with a sharp pencil, then this morning printed them up. i need to experiment more with paper as it seems to work better on smooth paper than on a heavy texture, i'm wondering whether to try the archival printing paper next as it's really smooth. the above is a on a lightly textured water colour paper, but there's still quite alot of detail lost. but that's what experimenting is all about, right?
my eyes are much better today, so actually there was no blog break at all! another day with specs i think, then back to normal.


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Francesca said...

morning speccy!
this is great lu. looking forward to seeing some more.

lizzie g said...

An inspiring print, isn't it fun experimenting?! And that's where the best pieces come from, I do believe!