Friday 15 August 2008


just a little sneakety peakety into some new work in progress - prints i'm working on for etsy and folksy. i've decided my posh and expensive printer that uses posh and bloody expensive archival inks needs to earn it's keep - i really haven't put it through its paces. i've decided to really expand the print side of what i do, after all, it's an easy and affordable way of owning a unique piece of work, especially if the print runs are limited edition. quite often, because i work in layers, my work is a bit 'shadowy' when its printed, but because i'm making these to be prints, i'm trying hard to make them look as nice as the originals. the first series is called exclamations! and uses words i use an awful lot in everyday conversation, they're meant to be a bit humourous- it's the first time i've ever used words that are part if the overall design. i want to get a good amount of them done before i post them on either site for watch this space.
it's funny how after needing a blog break, my mojo comes back!