Tuesday 30 September 2008

a day in my (very dull) life

my friend sally is a naughty blogger and has let her blog lapse of late, so she decided to do a 'day in the life' type post to kick start a renewed enthusiasm for it...and i said i'd join her...so here is my yesterday in pictures, it was very uninteresting...

did a bit of tickling (the best bit of the day!)
cut and trimmed some new printed fabricedited some etsy pics
ate cake and drank tea (no more of that allowed, the cake bit i mean; i just joined weight watchers today, i'm going to yoga tonight!)watched the hallmark channel while arth was at pre-school and i should have been doing 101 other things...read trashy papers and mags left over from sunday
put out the washing (it's ok, the white duvet cover wasn't washed with the dark stuff!) shouted at the boys for fighting

made some bits and bobs for etsy

so all in all a really, really dull day. and you got the highlights - i didn't show you the endless washing up, the cooking, the ignored ironing pile...it goes on...


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Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

My photos would look a lot like your 3rd photo most of the day. So, this life looks pretty happening to me!

Francesca said...

i like this. i'm going to try to join you...then you'll see how little work i'm doing at the moment!

kitty stitch said...

I really like this journal of your day! think I will try it too! can we have the link to your freinds blog?