Wednesday 17 September 2008

nice words...

well, thanks so much for your comments about my howies/folksy entry - there were loads of nice comments left on my flickr page too...there's also a nice bit about it on the folksy blog so thanks guys!
on a different subject, i've printed some new colourways of my meadow and flower basket fabrics (oh, how i love that they now have names that trip of my tongue ;) the seafoam turquoise is a really big seller in my totem fabric, so i decided to team it with that lovely petrol-y teal blue - i'm very pleased with the outcome! i'm hoping to get some done in two shades of pink today, and i'm thinking of doing some in green too...and i'd like to make a few accessories too - i'm thinking that weave or flower basket would make some seriously nice cushion covers...anyway, fabric is in the shop if you're interested :)

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'fancypicnic' said...

Just saw your howies item on the folksy blog...terrific!! Brilliant xx Sums it all up in a big way. A winner if ever I saw one.