Sunday 7 September 2008

tiny weeny

i liked making the other one so much, i've got a little collection of four tiny ones on the go...this one is 'green leaf' and is 6 inches (15cm) square. i haven't done anything like this for SO long - and i'm having a blast! i also printed some more 'seafoam turquoise' pieces of fabric this afternoon, it's by far the most popular colour in my summersville shop so i've made sure to stock up on it. what's the betting i don't sell any now for ages? ;) god, i had a nightmare the other day - (well, i suppose in the grand scheme of things it was no biggie, nobody died or anything) i went to have a mammoth printing session and found my screen had a huge rip in it, gah! so i taped up the rip, and luckily it's still usable, i just have to print everything in two goes instead of just one. because i had to order a replacement mesh, i also ordered two more screens in different designs. one is meant to go on the top of the other, so it'll be my first two-colour print, but it's not at all complicated, i thought i'd better go fairly simple for starters. actually, i've gone a bit mad today, i've ordered more of the lovely oatmeal base cloth i've been printing on, and also some new colours of the screen new designs in new colourways coming soon, exciting!


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Anna Betts said...

Coooool! Can't wait to see! I know it's ridiculous o'clock to be commenting but nevermind.. I just wanted to say that the oatmeal fabric you're using is gorgeous, where did you find it? I realised (once I'd already forked out loads for some artist's canvas) that it would have been the perfect stuff to cover that frame I was talking to you about. Gah, nevermind.
Right, off to work... Have a lovely day x

monda-loves said...

This is Lovely Lu - you're such a hive of industry at the minute.