Wednesday 10 September 2008


well, i've printed all my weave fabric and they are all about to be listed on etsy in a minute all done! i'm really loving this actually, i think it's going to be a really useful design - so simple, but so useable. it's a little bit old fashioned (in a good way) but depending what colour you look at, it's quite edgy too. i like how it works with the flower one too - it's something about the difference of space between the two - when i used to help people choose fabric for quilts, i always felt it was important to play with scale and space - not too many tiny weeny prints or prints of all the same size in one quilt - i think it looks too, i dunno, twee i suppose. mixing scale give quilts a modern edge. in my humble opinion, anyway. oh, by the way, thanks so much for the response to the fabric naming - there are a couple i really like! will let you know what i decide on tomorrow after lunch :)

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