Thursday 25 September 2008

well, i didn't see this coming...

oh, that sounded dramatic didn't it? but it's not, it's referring to the direction in which i have gone with bedroom curtains for the farmhouse. i suddenly got freaked out by the fact that although the build has a looooong way to go, i didn't want to be moving in a hurry in a few months time with no thought of colour schemes and fabrics and the like. and unbelievably, i have given NO thought really to those things, mainly because building sites are actually really uninspiring places (at least to me) but then i went to have a look a progress the other day, and walls were going up in the interior, and all of a sudden i thought 'colour schemes! i must think about colour schemes!'
sooooo i went to a couple of curtain fabric shops, and came away not only really inspired, but with curtain fabric for the main bedroom, the upstairs landing and the spare room. i'm slightly in shock by the fact i just ended up buying the curtain fabric for the master bedroom without any messing around, but i know what i like when i see it, and this is just dreamy. it's got a lovely linen-like cream background with very, very subtle clusters of blue/grey/lilac flowers - divine. it's very me, but all grown up, if you know what i mean. and even more amazingly, sam likes it. he admits it's not what he'd have chosen, but that's good enough for me. i have also got samples of two of the most delicious faded-y stripes ever for the living/kitchen area, i can't decide which one i prefer, as i'm on a budget i guess i ought to go for the cheaper one. but the more expensive one is available in a wider width which means i can get a blind made that will cover the most expensive bi-fold sliding doors in the world ever, without a seam. ho-hum. decisions, decisions.


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Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Very romantic. Just right for the boudoir.

Its_Lily said...

Beautiful! I understand why you just up and bought it.

Luna Levy said...

Hi Lucie,

Big, big congrats on all the mentions on your new fabrics... what about using your own fabrics for curtains???

Just to let you know, Sarah mentioned yours as one of her favorite blogs in her interview on Friday :)