Wednesday, 8 October 2008

well i never...

i got told by a lovely customer of mine (hello helen!) that my weave fabric was on apartment therapy yesterday, woohoo, very excited! apparently, for the first time in my life i'm trendy because cross hatching is a trend to watch - just remember you saw it here first(ish!) you can just about see my fabric in the first little thumbnail, if you click it (on the actual apt. therapy site) it brings up the whole article i'm talking it right here!


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Anonymous said...

really?! That is great!!

Congratulations!!! That is major. You should be very, very proud of yourself...and the fabric is beautiful.

sarah ahearn bellemare said...

yay!! i knew you were always on the cutting edge... (um, no pun intended...)
congrats to you my friend! *talk to you soon... xoxo, *s