Wednesday 12 November 2008


ok, so i went to the farm this morning to check out the last of the walls coming down ready for plastering - running beside the master bedroom was a horrible dingy corridor that led to what was sam's childhood bedroom and a large family bathroom (which will now be my our dressing room and a ginormous ensuite bathroom) and as i walked into the bedroom, there was a sliver 6 inches wide of the most amazing wallpaper i've ever seen. i didn't check out how the bedroom looked at all (it looks fantastic as i discovered after my wallpaper excitement)- i went straight to the wallpaper to try to peel off as much as i could. it was fascinating - it told a history of the house, layer by layer. underneath the top boring wallpaper (most recently done about 20 years ago by my in-laws) was a fairly mad design from the 60's in pink and gold, then the delicious red and green pictured above. (i'm so in love with that type 'english made'!) next came a very tasteful faded floral in pinks and finally a pretty pale blue. i'm guessing the bedroom got decorated once every 10 years or so which means that the bottom layer was probably done in the 30's. so amazing and such a great insight into others who lived there!


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Pair of Writers said...

ooohh, that paper is beautiful! I love the color combination and the design - and the trademark! This is a keeper.

none said...

um, you didn't happen to keep and photograph all the other layers did you? (says the geeky design historian in the corner...)