Friday 27 March 2009

fancy a cuppa?

lovely francesca, blogger pal and all round top gal offered me a housewarming gift of one of her beautiful prints and told me to chose one from her shop. (we decided on a little swap in the end - a print for one of my notebooks) well, it was damn hard, but in the end i chose this little treasure, and i had the perfect spot in the kitchen for it, as well as a frame and mount the right size. so within an hour of receiving it, it was already in it's new home. i can't believe how one simple job is so satisfying! and it also has the honour of being the first piece of art up in the house - all the other stuff is propped up against walls everywhere, all needing a sort-out - you know, all those annoying little black midges need cleaning - which is a job i just can't be bothered to do. anyway, thanks fran, i love it!
ohhhh, by the way, did anyone catch my footstool on design*sponge yesterday? very exciting!


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Francesca said...

oh it looks great lu, good choice! and i love your little set up in the kitchen, v sweet. well done on the design sponge thing too. x

Diana Gondim said...

hi! I saw your work at etsy and loved it! your prints are so delicated and the pictures you take too! congrats from Brazil =)

Pair of Writers said...

What a lovely print! Very cute that you show your own cup and pitcher too!