Wednesday 13 May 2009


well, this is exciting, isn't it? luckily my sleepless nights of worrying about no sales was unfounded thank goodness. the nicest thing is all the amazing comments and conversations i''ve had - people are so nice. i've managed to reply to all the convos at etsy, but if you left a comment on my last post, a massive, massive thankyou for all your good wishes...if i wasn't such a hard nosed business woman, i may have shed a tear*** i'm feeling particularly smug because i didn't panic with my orders, i was very organised and took them one at a time, and i've managed to send off a load yesterday and the rest will go today. i can now package with my eyes closed. having said that, i'm knackered, and i don't know how the really massive sellers manage at this pace everyday. i've loved every minute of it though! always loved the limelight, me.

oh, off topic completely, i spoke to my brother the other day and he told me to stop swearing on my blog. now, if i was 10 or something i might pay attention to big brother, but the truth is, i'm 34. so if i want to swear, i bloody well will.

***ha! regular readers of my nonsense know i cry *really* easily


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Francesca said...

i'm weeping with you lu.
glad you are managing to keep on top of things. i would be having a nervous breakdown by now!

lori vliegen said...

congrats on all of your success! your work is are so deserving of this etsy opportunity!! and, off topic, i don't listen too closely to my brother either! :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog! I've been a fan of your work for a while and am so glad to find your blog- definitely adding you to my list of of people to see on my own blog. Congrats on the Featured Seller spot on Etsy! I don't know how you kept it a secret...I would have been bouncing around peeing on myself with excitement, just like a cocker spaniel!

SallyF said...

welcome back to the world m'lovely! and superdooper big fat well done hugs xx

ps may I offer up Lorks, Lordy, golly, jeepers, crikey, heck and other such 1940s swearing should you ever need it - you know where to find plenty more!

Flora said...

Oh please keep on swearing - I like visiting your potty-mouthed blog!

Well done on your Etsy success too!

Ro Bruhn said...

Congratulations on your etsy store, it's very hard to get recognised. I love your prints, such great designs.

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Congrats on all your sales success!
I like that you swear- actually makes me smile. I wish I could allow myself... I get all whazzed out about it on my blog and edit constantly, which is something I DON'T seem to do enough when I'm face to face with someone. Another cheer for your being honest with us!