Friday 23 October 2009

new stuff

i feel i've been neglecting my shops of late - i haven't added anything new in yonks, so i've been busy remedying that. i don't generally go all out for various themed holiday items, but for christmas i make an exception. personally i'm a dyed-in-the-wool red and white kinda gal, but i couldn't resist doing a set of retro style ornaments in turquoise and green as well as the traditional red. now available in both shops, please click on the shop links on the right if you're interested!
another thing i've been working on, is a soft backed range of sketch & notebooks. you may wonder why to bother making these when i have a full range of hardback ones, but it occurred to me that the hardback versions are *really* heavy to send, especially worldwide. these soft backed ones also have a more modern feel - the covers butt up against the pages, which i love. i've also added a thin ribbon bookmark and a little envelope in the front for little bits and bobs. they have a great feel to them, and although i've got them listed as patchwork books, i can of course do them plain in any of my designs, feel free to contact me! i sold lots of notebooks last year, they are perfect stocking fillers.


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helen said...

s'funny, i was looking at your £s shop only today. Want fabric, mmm...and also those groovy black coasters you had. Against our better judgement we've just bought a glass topped coffee table. It looks AMAZING (has the most wonderful geometric base-geek joy!) but the noise it getting to us already. So foxy printed black coasters it is. Do you ever do bigger heat-proof mats? I'd like something bigger for the table too, for bottles of wine or bowls of crisps or teapots, but want to avoid anything that looks too much like a placemat. hmm

do you have more on etsy or is everything on both sites?

helen said...

eek, i've just perused etsy properly and you have FRAKKIN SQUARE placemats!! How cool are you!

Order coming next week, I think. Will convo you for crazy combinations and postage. And I can wait till royal mail behaving again.


Pragya said...

These look lovely!!

Unknown said...

i love the christmas baubles, your loopy print is perfect for them too... :)

Isa said...

Love those christmas ornaments!

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

Adore these! LOVE Christmas... and these designs and shapes are wonderful. :-)