Monday 5 October 2009


yes you, flora may off of the through the round window blog you've won my giveaway! huzzah!

and many many thanks to all who commented - i really appreciate the time you spent helping me out, especially those girls who are in the "industry" - you know who you are, fellow tweeters! i'm none the wiser really as i had planned on only having 2 printed, but i think favourites were split. ha! that'll learn me. i might get a yard or two printed and see how they go and re-evaluate later. what it has taught me is that digital printing looks ace. i didn't think it would look that good, but it's really crisp and lovely.

and please do take a second to hop over to the winner's blog, flora has a new elephant stained glass decoration that is just darling - it makes me want another baby just so i can justify buying one for myself. they're a custom product and are available here in her folksy shop.